Vemanti, on its way to become the 'Amazon of Fintech'

Vemanti Group (OTCMKTS: $VMNT) a U.S. technology-driven multi-asset company...

07 de Febrero de 2021


Vemanti Group (OTCMKTS: $VMNT) a U.S. technology-driven multi-asset company in high-growth and emerging markets led by serial entrepreneur Tan Tran is quickly emerging as one of the hottest companies in small cap skyrocketing up the charts in recent weeks, with legions of shareholders that continue to accumulate shares.
Vemanti, Tan Tran, Fintech, VMNTTan Tran caught the world eyes after securing US$ 30 million in funding led by private investor Accial Capital and alternative income investment firm Variant Investments, for its Vietnamese peer-to-peer (P2P) lending firm eLoan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fvndit, shortly three month later LiveTrade committed to procuring up to US$ 5 million of Vemanti’s (VMNT) common stock over a span of two years.
'Our vision is to provide quick and easy financing for the underserved small medium enterprises (SME) that make up the majority of current economic activity and future growth of Vietnam, an attractive up-and-coming market but yet mostly overlooked by traditional capital', said Tan Tran, CEO of Fvndit.
Vietnam’s P2P market is estimated to be worth US$ 7.8 billion in 2020, almost doubling from US$ 4.4 billion in 2017, while currently there are over 40 P2P lenders operating in Vietnam. 
Vietnam is a fertile ground for massive fintech adoption as well as in P2P lending. With SMEs accounting for over 41% of Vietnam’s GDP, 98% of all the enterprises remain neglected by traditional banks, while 70% of them still lack access to credit, according to the data provided from fvndit.
Vemanti, Yahoo FinanceVemanti's growth story is worth following as they're near completion of an acquisition with Marena Gold Mali that is projected to become a US$ 700 million company.
'Throughout history, gold has been a valuable commodity and has demonstrated stability over time through economic downturns', said Tran. 'Having such a time-tested asset in our portfolio allows us to quickly deliver on our vision of building a decentralized and democratized economy where cross border transactions can be carried out directly between buyers and sellers, regardless of their physical jurisdiction, using a gold-backed cryptocurrency'.

As described by Tan Tran, 'Vemanti is in the path becoming the Amazon of Fintech'.