Cuba, living museum: the international community and the accomplice abandonment of eleven million people. Review and outlook

Castro’s insane dictatorship -Fidel and Raúl at the helm- has managed to stay in power thanks to a skillful use of propaganda and a planned capitalization of a great number of myths, which go from the supposed Ernesto ¨Che¨ Guevara de la Serna’s heroism to the promoted ´exemplary´ health care. The international community complicity completes the formula with their investments in tourism, mainly from Spain. Well below business and statistics, despair and resignation begin to show from the psychologically beaten Cuban society, the real victim that nobody seems to care for. Topics: Raúl Castro and Nikita Khrushchev. The creation of the Cuban intelligence apparatus and drug trafficking. Fidel’s fortune and Spanish investments in tourist infrastructure. Cuban society real standard of living. The Internet predominant role. Suitable approaches to stimulate an effective denunciation of the dictatorship and to achieve its weakening.