Panem et circenses: a carnival of death, decay and isolation, organized by and for the nomenklatura

Bread and Circuses: "merry-makings in the shape of benefits or entertainment, intended to placate discontent or divert attention from a particular policy or situation".

09 de Marzo de 2011

The required effort to describe the plethora of celebratory events aimed at distracting public opinion, staged by kirchnerism since their arrival in 2003, proves to be exhausting –though never useless. 
The colossal propagandistic structure devised by the ruling brains [and now run by an ineffective Juan Manuel Abal Medina] has been based –rather than on other variables– on the familiar and biased human rights issue. Indeed, and for the sake of strengthening this hypothesis, ex dictator Jorge Videla will have no time to abandon the dock in order to visit the privy, because this time he will get saddled with being the mastermind and perpetrator of the misappropriation of newborns, knocked-down guerrillas’ children. Ultimately, the main repression aides-de-camp will have marched through the Argentine courts for eight long years. A record for the administration of justice in this blue planet we share. Then, the birth of one of the most resplendent kirchnerists’ ¨miracles¨ takes place: the perpetuation of specific trials in order to keep a massive reach ideological verbiage.
In parallel, we have witnessed public displays put on by the gay kirchnerism. Financially protected by the National Government, crowds took the streets to rail against the "repressive spirited" and "intolerant" Argentines while celebrating the discussion and passing of the bastardized "equal marriage". These shapeless masses of well-paid individuals were led by the lesbian militant Maria Rachid, whose reward will now be the funding of her fledgling political career. Then, the combative girl will be summoned to mobilize her mercenary troops in support of the discussion of a new Abortion Law. Everything seasoned with repeated recipes of harassment, violence and the artificial and unnecessary manufacture of conflicts that Argentine society did not know. 
The Executive Power shapes the idea to be promoted –upon comprehensive calendar study and analysis– and, when the opportunity deserves and justifies it, national holidays are manipulated to prop up the official position of panem et circenses (bread and circuses). Manoeuvers that work, simultaneously, on several target audiences: on the one hand, the hard core of voters and the nomenklatura itself, and on the other, the tourism sector directly benefited from the initiative of sowing holidays in bulk. Examples abound: March 24th (Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice), now followed by Carnival holidays. 
Celebrations of a King Momo who fell into disgrace and popularity also serve the intimate purpose of adding followers from the lowest Buenos Aires City social classes, to mention one case. The local murgueros1 have found in post-kirchnerist Cristinism not only salvation by means of subsidy and idleness, but also have just taken notice that those holidays had been removed from the year calendar by the Proceso de Reorganización Nacional (National Reorganization Process). Most of these boys –though born years after 1983– get the official message and go against the "genocidal" neighbours who just desire peace and tranquility, and only claim not to interrupt traffic in their neighbourhoods’ streets. The murgueros supporting the government –virtually all of them today– forget that the best solution to avoid disturbing others would be the construction of a large space, a sort of corsódromo2. Could not Parque Roca be fitted for that purpose? Buenos Aires City Head of Government, meanwhile, does not consider solutions for this matter. Distracted by his presidential campaign –from which he has no return– he continues to fund illegal immigrants, organizers of murgas themselves and the recalcitrant Hebe Pastor de Bonafini’s Plaza de Mayo Mothers. After all, Mr. Mayor will certainly not enjoy a noisy gathering mounted by these characters right in front of 1 Bolivar Street. NGOs nucleated in “humanrightism” have comfortably met their goal of preventing Metropolitan Police from carrying Tasers and anti riot shields. The reason why is clear now.
Meanwhile, the majority of citizens are still trying to identify the reasons for celebrating this carnival, just in case they exist. Are galloping inflation –the highest since Raúl Alfonsín was ejected from presidency– and record insecurity reasons for celebrating? Are they the policies of squandering State resources and the re-privatization of companies which give away more losses today than ever before? Will we celebrate, perhaps, the final breakdown of the relationship with the United States of America and the leading western nations? Are discord and division within Argentina's society the arguments that will enhance the carnival festivities? Will we erect a monument to the late Nestor Carlos Kirchner to applaud that his and his wife’s Administrations have turned Argentina into a heaven for drug dealers of every shape and colour, imported and domestic?


Violent episodes have been erased with one stroke of the pen from official statistics, but they multiply vigorously not only in news headlines, but also in everyday life. This week, not a few viewers were surprised with a shooting starred by two hordes of extremely dangerous vandals in Neuquén. After starting the riot in a restaurant, they extended the dispute to the surrounding streets, while they were captured by CCTV cameras. While it is known in advance that the protagonists –if ever caught– will never serve a sentence longer than five years, elsewhere in the country a policeman was immediately separated from the force for shooting a vehicle manned by four individuals who opted not to stop for a breath alcohol test. The National Government has gone beyond the boundaries of any tolerable limit when dealing with urban violence, which they have never acknowledged, but which they have fuelled unappealably with their actions and ideological discourse. Kirchnerism has turned Argentina into this: a new Far West lacking the most elementary rule of law. A gloomy geography teemed with murderers, pickpockets, rapists and gunmen who practice their sport under the sun, in view of the world. All this happens while the sheriff enjoys eternal holidays. This scene worthy of any science fiction film set in a post nuclear world only lacks an official initiative to disarm citizens. If you are a legitimate firearm user and have observed all the rules, do not worry: this intention is already under study at the Pink House. Of course, with the applause of RENAR officials supporting the government, who have had no qualms about giving away permissions to posses and bear firearms to Milagro Sala and Luis D’Elia picketers. In order to round out this grim reality, it is worth remembering that the Federal Police just works to rule and has abandoned all areas of regular custody –except for the despicable extras. Check it out: go to Retiro bus terminal and verify how many agents control the traffic at the vehicles entrance, there is not even a single officer. Everybody parks their cars for as long as they want to. In the process, Mrs. Nilda Garré announces that she will reinforce police presence in the streets, but the trap is evident, as she has already been dealing with their removal from public places. If she happened to reinstate them, what she would actually be doing is to relocate them in their previous posts. 
But nothing matters that much now. Let us celebrate this Carnival, as God and the National Government demand it. Let us applaud the memory of the thousands who died under the fire of crime, to the rhythm of the murga. Let us rejoice with the two boys killed in Laferrere. Let us pay tribute to Clarin newspaper columnists who do not fail to mention "trigger-happy" police cases. Let us toast to Governor Daniel Scioli, who never ceases to remind us that the government is confiscating more and more tons of narcotics –when in fact he ignores that this result is the byproduct of increased traffic, production and distribution of drugs. Indeed, it is likely that, together, we have made efforts to deserve this leadership and this narrow-minded journalism that uses blood instead of ink to give shape to these brilliant articles. 
Let us praise this policy of bread and circuses, so long as we can. Perhaps, a few realise that bread is not as handy as advertised. Perhaps, many others realise that the circus is nothing but a crude Greek tragedy.



English translation by Débora Gravano Jordán
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